Sunday, October 9, 2011

Online Casinos

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Rajni in Ra.One

It has been done! Rajinikanth was at the Whistling Woods Studios in Mumbai to take part in the Ra One shooting. There were a lot of speculations that the Superstar would do a cameo in Ra One and it has finally come true.Delighted that Rajini had done it, Shah Rukh Khan, the lead star in Ra One said that had tears in his eyes when the star completed the shot. With Rajini’s guest appearance, Ra One’s production value has gone up.

The film is due to hit the screens on Diwali and is one of the biggest releases this year.

Karthi's next

Director Suraaj is gearing up to direct Karthi soon after the star completes Saguni. For Suraj's film, Anushka has already been signed up as the heroine.

The latest addition to this team is Nikitha Thukral, the infamous Kannada actress who shot to limelight for being banned by the Karnataka Film Producers Association for her alleged affair with actor Darshan. It is worth mentioning here that the ban on her was later revoked after film stars, director and women’s groups condemned the one-sided decision.

Nikitha is on a high with Muran, which was released yesterday, finding a warm response from the audiences. If reports that she is to be roped in as Karthi’s second heroine are true then she is likley to go places.

Crestor Lawsuit

Guys, found a site which is related with the Crestor lawsuit.Crestor is a medication that has been licensed to lower cholesterol in adults with high cholesterol, to lower triglycerides in adults with high triglycerides and also to prevent some cardiovascular disease. This drug was marketed by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Medication such as Crestor may be necessary if lifestyle changes like weight loss, exercise and diet do not lower cholesterol enough. However, as with any medicine, there are possible side effects with Crestor. Common side effects are muscle pain and joint pain, headache, nausea, constipation, body weakness and abdominal pain. But the most serious side effects are heart attacks and heart failure. Due to these serious side effects, a consumer advocacy group filed a petition with the FDA, suggesting that Crestor be removed from the market. And so why Crestor lawsuit was created. This lawsuit will help victim of Crestor file a case against the company.

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