Thursday, August 30, 2007

NOKIA Aeon...

Nokia is going to launch a new variety of mobiles which is expected to hit markets in 2008..... will have the following features:
(Here are some pics of Nokia Aeon..)

Nokia's Aeon Full Touch Screen....
Now it’s only a concept mobile phone.
The device would probably have one of the longest battery lives as it would be powered by nothing less than fuel cells.
There are too many surprise features in this it can transform itself according to your needs.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This picture is very remarkable one that i found in this world and also very rare serach for this picture.

This picture is made from faces of 670 soldiers who died in the Iraq War

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Its a Girls's World

It's a Girl's World!!

If he is late for class, he told,"Time and Tide wait for none".
If she is late, then the bus was late.

If a girl is dressed as a boy, she is modern, says the world.
But if a boy is dressed as a girl, "Has he escaped from the Zoo?"

If a boy talks with a girl, "I think he is trying for her"
But if a girl talks with a boy, then she is trying to be friendly.

When a girl cries, the world is convinced of her
But when a boy cries, "Come on man! Don't be a girl".

If a girl meets with an accident, then it's the mistake of others.
And if a boy meets with an accident, "I think you should learn to

If a boy sits in front of a city bus, he is mannerless and cultureless brute.
But if a girl sits in the back seat, "Try to respect ladies, man!".

If a boy gets a big rank in an entrance exam, "You've to work hard".
But if a girl gets a big rank,... still got 33! Reservation.

If there are girls in a class, the professor gives an interesting lecture,
And if there are no girls, he says,there is no class today.

If a girl does not answer during a viva, then atleast 'smile' says the examiner.
But when a boy does not answer,"better luck next time".

These statements proves that its a girls's world not for guys...

Monday, August 20, 2007

21 Persons in a Car - World Record

21 Persons in a Car-a world record.Its an amazing one to happened in this world.Its different one they tried and they finally achieved this goal.This is the first ever that a Car has hold as much as 21 people..Its just an amazing one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

World Shortest Man Meets World Tallest Man

When the shortest man in the world met the tallest Bao Xishun is the tallest man in the world, He stands 2.36 meters (7 feet and 9 inches)! He's also known as Xi Shun or "The Mast". Since January 15, 2005, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest living man. He Pingping is the shortest man in the world, who only measures 73 centimeters (2 feet and 5 inches). He is applying for the Guinness World Record as the world's shortest man.

This incident is very rare one in ths world..Its so nice to see these both men together....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

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Most Pierced Woman

Elaine Davidson
720 piercings
in the place
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
August 9, 2001

By August 9, 2001, Elaine Davidson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, had a record-breaking total of 720 piercings. She first broke the record in May 2000, when a Guinness World Records official examined her and found 462 piercings on various parts of her body, including 192 on her facial area alone.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

World Tallest Woman

Zeng Jinlian (Simplified Chinese: 曾金莲; Traditional Chinese: 曾金蓮; Pinyin: Zēng (Céng) Jīnlián; June 26, 1964 – February 13, 1982) was the tallest female ever recorded in medical history. She is also the only female counted among the twelve individuals in medical history who reached a verified eight feet or more. At the time of her death at the age of 17, in Hunan, China, she was 8 ft 1¾ in (248 cm) tall. However, she could not stand up straight due to a severely deformed spine. Nevertheless, she was the tallest person in the world at the time.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Must Know...

Modern Panchtantra Story [ IT HUMOR ]

Once upon a time, there was a software engineer who used to develop programs on his Pentium machine, sitting under a tree on the banks of a river. He used to earn his bread by selling those programs in the Sunday market.
One day, while he was working, his machine tumbled off the table and fell in the river. Encouraged by the Panchatantra story of his childhood (the woodcutter and the axe ),
He started praying to the River Goddess. The River Goddess wanted to test him and so appeared only after one month of rigorous prayers. The engineer told her that he had lost his computer in the river.
As usual, the Goddess wanted to test his honesty. She showed him a match box and asked, " Is this your computer ?" Disappointed by the Goddess' lack of computer awareness, the engineer replied, " No."
She next showed him a pocket-sized calculator and asked if that was his.
Annoyed, the engineer said "No, not at all!!"
Finally, she came up with his own Pentium machine and asked if it was his.
The engineer, left with no option, sighed and said " Yes."
The River Goddess was happy with his honesty. She was about to give
Him all three items, but before she could make the offer, the engineer
Asked her, "Don't you know that you're supposed to show me some better computers before bringing up my own ?"
The River Goddess, angered at this, replied, "I know that, you stupid donkey! The first two things I showed you were the Trillennium and the Billennium, the latest computers from IBM !". So saying, she disappeared with the Pentium!!


Moral :If you're not up-to-date with technology trends , it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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