Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buy Gold Coins at cheaper rates

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Auto drivers fined

Nine auto drivers racing against each other on the Maduravoyal Bypass road on Sunday early morning were chased and nabbed by the police for illegal auto racing. They were fined Rs 9,000 by the Police.Tambaram traffic police officials had received information from Suburban Police Commissioner S R Jangid, a week ago, from residents about regular auto races being conducted on the bypass road. The drivers ride their autos in high speed causing fear among the locals. The race is a big menace.A traffic sub inspector said that, ‘’we were supposed to catch these auto drivers last week but they changed heir plan after they came to know that we were trying to nab them’.

Viveka Babajee commits sucide

Viveka Babajee, who shot to limelight by boldly featuring in the Kamasutra ad in the 1990s committed suicide at her flat in Mumbai. The model and actress hung herself to death, reports police sources. The residents in the complex complained to the police after Viveka failed to answer the door.The late model’s friends say that she has never expressed suicidal tendencies and she was a bold person. Viveka was the Miss Mauritius before arriving to Mumbai to try her luck in Bollywood. She had starred in the Hindi feature film Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai.The police have not yet found any suicide note at her residence to indicate the reason behind the death. Sources on Bollywood say that Viveka resorted to this extreme step after she broke up with her boyfriend.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

From past many times, gold investments have performed very well, thus making gold as good investment solution. Slowly, large numbers of people across the world are realising importance of investing their gold so that they can get good returns from their money in future. In future also, gold prices are likely to increase further thus gold becomes a hot item for investment. People can easily buy gold bullion to start investing in gold. Right timing can also increase returns many times thus making it easy for people to get good returns in short time.Each of your $5 Gold American Eagles is 1/10th of an ounce of pure gold and is guaranteed to be in pristine, brilliant uncirculated mint condition. Even the United States government guarantees the gold content for weight and purity.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday —sometimes called the Bogside Massacre—was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry,Northern Ireland, in which twenty-six unarmed civil rights protesters or bystanders were shot by the British Army Parachute Regiment during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march. Thirteen men, seven of whom were teenagers, died immediately or soon after, while the death of another man four and a half months later has been attributed to the injuries he received on that day. Two protesters were injured when they were run down by army vehicles. The report of the Saville Inquiry, which has been accepted by the British government, found that all of those shot were unarmed, and that the killings were "unjustified and unjustifiable." Five of those wounded were shot in the back.

Two investigations have been held by the British Government. The Widgery Tribunal, held in the immediate aftermath of the event, largely cleared the soldiers and British authorities of blame—Widgery described the soldiers' shooting as "bordering on the reckless"—but was criticised as a "whitewash",including by Jonathan Powell, chief of staff to former prime minister Tony Blair. The Saville Inquiry, established in 1998 to look at the events again (chaired by Lord Saville of Newdigate) was made public on 15 June 2010, and contained findings of fault that could re-open the controversy, and potentially lead to criminal investigations for some soldiers involved in the killings.

Robert Hues

Robert Hues (1553–1632) was an English mathematician and geographer who made observations of the variations of the compass off the coast of Newfoundland. He either went there on a fishing trip, or joined a 1585 voyage to Virginia arranged by Walter Raleigh and led by Richard Grenville which passed Newfoundland on the return journey to England. Between 1586 and 1588, Hues travelled with Thomas Cavendish on a circumnavigation of the globe, taking the opportunity to measure latitudes. In 1589, Hues went on the Earl of Cumberland's raiding expedition to the Azores to capture Spanish galleons. Beginning in August 1591, Hues travelled with Cavendish again, intending to complete another circumnavigation of the globe

Monday, June 7, 2010

Investing in Gold

While browsing the Internet today, I chanced upon a website that educates people on investing in gold. It says that because it is a famous commodity and its value does not depreciate over time, investing in gold is wise decision.Investment business involves a lot of risks if not done the right way. And talking about one of the most precious metals of all times such as gold is even much more too risky to handle which involves a lot of careful planning and decisions particularly if you don't have any idea about going through the process of gold investment.For those who might be interested to be in gold investment, there are various ways to buy gold coins as an investment. If you are not sure where, when and how to begin, let the United States Gold Bureau help you in every step of your way through the process. You can as well reach a metal specialist through 1-800-775-3504. They will be with you from the start to the end.

Cumbria shootings

The Cumbria shootings were a killing spree that occurred on 2 June, 2010 when a lone gunman, Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself in the county of Cumbria, North West England, UK.The series of attacks began in mid-morning in Lamplugh and moved to Frizington, Whitehaven, Egremont, Gosforth and Seascale, sparking a major manhunt by Cumbria Constabulary.Bird, a 52-year-old local taxi driver, was later found dead in a wooded area, having abandoned his vehicle in the village of Boot. Two weapons that appeared to have been used were recovered. There were 30 different crime scenes investigated.Police confirmed it was the worst incident of mass shooting in Britain since the Dunblane massacre of 1996.

Shoaib Akhthar back in Action

Pakistan Cricket Board announced a 15-man squad for the Asia Cup to be played in Sri Lanka from June 15.Surprisingly, controversial pace man Shoaib Akhtar has been recalled to the squad.Akhtar last played for Pakistan in a Twenty20 International against Australia in Dubai on May 7, 2009.Former captain Shoaib Malik is also included in the Asia Cup squad.Pakistan (Asia Cup squad): Shahid Afridi (Captain), Salman Butt (Vice captain), Imran Farhat, Umar Akmal, Asad Shafique, Umar Amin, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Malik, Muhammad Aamir, Muhammad Asif, Shoaib Akhter, Abdul Rehman, Shahzeb Hasan, Saeed Ajmal and Kamran Akmal.

Buy Gold Coins

The stock market is all over the place and the housing market is too. The best thing for a person to do is to invest in precious metals and buy gold coins. The World's demand for silver has exceed what is being received in annual production, this will allow those who have it to make it big. The most precious metal and other types of rare coins are found here and you can find your favorite coins to buy it. The best way to buy silver bullion and to know more things about rare coins and precious metals is by visiting the above mentioned website. These are all some of the information about united states gold bureau.Having at least one stable market to invest in, it allows a person to have some sort of security.

Edwin P. Morrow

Edwin P. Morrow (1877–1935) served as the 40th Governor of Kentucky from 1919 to 1923. He was the only Republican elected to this office between 1907 and 1927. After rendering non-combat service in the Spanish–American War, Morrow graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School in 1902 and opened his practice in Lexington, Kentucky. He was appointed United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky by President William Howard Taft in 1910 and served until he was removed from office in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1915, he ran for governor against his good friend, Augustus O. Stanley. Stanley won the election by 471 votes, making the 1915 contest the closest gubernatorial race in the state's history. Morrow ran for governor again in 1919. He encouraged voters to "Right the Wrong of 1915" and ran on a progressive platform that included women's suffrage and quelling racial violence. He charged the Democratic administration with corruption, citing specific examples, and won the general election in a landslide. With a friendly legislature in 1920, he passed much of his agenda into law including an anti-lynching law and a reorganization of state government. By 1922, Democrats regained control of the General Assembly, and Morrow was not able to accomplish much in the second half of his term. Following his term as governor, he served on the United States Railroad Labor Board and the Railway Mediation Board

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