Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Though Cheran is busy with his Pokkisham, he has found time to do a noble act. The actor is distributing pamphlets that contain the last letter written by Muthu Kumar, who laid down his life for the cause of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Cheran says that he would hand out these pamphlets wherever he goes to bring out awareness among the Tamilians on what is happening to the Tamilians in Sri Lanka.

The actor is currently busy stationed at Karaikudi to shoot his film Pokkisham. He says that Pokkisham, unlike his earlier films, begins in the present but moves backwards in time.


The Rajinikanth starrer Baasha is back with a bang after 12 years of its release! The film has remained etched in the minds of the fans forever due to the electrifying dialogues and the powerful presence of Rajini, not to mention the acting of late actor Raghuvaran. This film is due to be released in 10 theatres on February 27th.

Till date, MGR’s films draws huge crowds whenever they are screened in the state. It is amazing to note that Rajini’s films are also being released in a like manner. Baasha will be distributed by OK Films. The film was directed by Suresh Krishna and produced by Rm. Veerappan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Monday, February 9, 2009

House of Gediminas

The House of Gediminas were the siblings, children, and grandchildren of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania (ca. 1275–1341). The Gediminid dynasty ruled the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from ca. 1285 or 1316 to 1572, eventually extending its territories from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Gediminas' origins are unclear, but recent research suggests that Skalmantas, an otherwise unknown historical figure, was Gediminas' grandfather or father, and could be considered the dynasty's founder. Because none of his brothers or sisters had known heirs, Gediminas, who sired at least twelve children, had the advantage in establishing sovereignty over his siblings. Known for his diplomatic skills, Gediminas arranged his children's marriages to suit the goals of his foreign policy: his sons consolidated Lithuanian power within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, while his daughters established or strengthened alliances with the rulers of areas in modern-day Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Gediminas' many grandchildren and their descendants engaged in power struggles that continued well into the 15th century. Gediminas' grandchildren converted Lithuania to Christianity and inaugurated the first personal union with Poland. The dynasty came to an end in 1572, when Sigismund II Augustus died without producing a male heir.

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